SBA Town Hall

SBA will be hosting its first Town Hall on April 10th at 12:30pm in room 136! This will be hosted by both the old and the new executive boards in a joint effort to gain student insight into their thoughts on SBA. The old executive board will be able to explain what they tried and what worked, but also what did not work from an SBA perspective. As well as let them know any barriers that might be unknown to the general student body that SBA encountered and suggestions on how to fix these barriers. The new executive board will be there to let the student body know the SBA priorities for the next year.


Additionally, the main portion of the hour SBA hopes will be spent on student comments by the attendees asking questions and voicing their concerns or suggestions that they have. The SBA old and new executive boards will be there to respond to what they can and make sure any questions are addressed. This is truly the students chance to offer any insight into what they would like to see changed at USC Law by SBA. We hope to see you on Wednesday at 12:30 in room 136!