SBA Legislative Election Candidates

The SBA Legislative Election will occur on Wednesday, April 10th from 9:00am-7:00pm on Twen. Below please find the candidates and their statements.

Rising 2L Candidates:

  • Andi Borhanian – Representative
  • Grace Brown – Representative
  • Christian Carey – Representative
  • Ethan Carroll – Representative
  • Mary Driggers – Representative
  • Hugh M. Gallagher – Representative
  • Alan Lee – Representative
  • Nick Raphael – Representative
  • Michael Parks – Representative
  • Chandler Soaps – Representative

Rising 3L Candidates:

  • Nuri Aujla – Representative
  • Peri Imler – Representative
  • Natalie Maier – Representative
  • Macey Webb – Representative

Candidate Statements:

Rising 2L Candidate Statements:

  • Andi Borhanian – Hey everyone! My name is Andi Borhanian and I am running to be a SBA 2L Legislative Representative. I am SC born and raised and the vast majority of my family has attended the University of South Carolina. I love this school and its community so much and want to do everything that I can to make sure that every student is well represented and has the wonderful experience that I had here in undergrad and have continued to have in law school. As a minority, diversity and inclusion is so important to me and I will do my best as a SBA Representative to make sure that every single student has the opportunity to have their voice heard in decisions that affect the law school and the experience that they will have during their time here. If you see me in the commons or around school please feel free to stop and ask me any questions or voice any concerns you have regarding the law school. Representing the 2L class would be an honor and a privilege and I would be humbled to receive your support and vote in the upcoming legislative election.
  • Grace Brown – My name is Grace Brown, and I am a rising 2L in section 3 here at USC Law. I am originally from Maryville, TN and attended the University of Tennessee prior to law school– Go Vols! I am so excited to pursue the opportunity to be a Legislative Representative for SBA. Being a member of SBA has been a formative part of my law school experience thus far, and I feel compelled to do my part to ensure that it continues to do the same for others. I look forward to meeting and chatting with you all soon!
  • Hugh Gallagher – My name is Hugh Gallagher. I am running to be a 2L Legislative Representative on SBA. I am originally from Cincinnati, Ohio (never going back, ever!) and attended the University of Tennessee. While at the University of Tennessee, I was involved in Student Government, participated in Peer Mentoring, volunteered at the Boys and Girls Club of the Tennessee Valley, and was the president of my fraternity. These experiences taught me the significance of accountability, inclusiveness, and follow-through. My goal is to promote student pride and involvement in events at the Law School and off-campus. I believe the University of South Carolina School of Law camaraderie and support are an intrinsic part of being a successful lawyer. It would be my honor to receive your vote in the SBA Legislative Election.


Rising 3L Candidate Statement:

  • Natalie Maier Hi! My name is Natalie Maier, and I am running to represent my peers as a 3L Legislative Representative. I believe that I can add a unique perspective to SBA because of my involvement in smaller organizations at school. I am the Justice for the Phi Alpha Delta chapter at USC Law. Because of this, I’d love to help other small organizations get turn out at events, because I know just how challenging they can be to plan.Additionally, I’m a member of the Pro Bono Board, and am in the Children’s Law Concentration. Through Pro Bono, I am a Guardian ad Litem with CASA, and a visitor for the the Probate Court. My dream job would allow me to advocate for issues primarily impacting women and/or children. So, one of my goals is to get more students involved with Pro Bono activities. I would love to organize joint events between SBA and Pro Bono. Hopefully, these events will facilitate networking and professional development.Finally, I would love to make mental health resources common knowledge among students. Law school can be very stressful, and I want to organize events to reduce that stress. I like to think outside of the box- examples include organizing group workout classes at local gyms, or having speakers in the financial services industry teach graduating students some budgeting basics (like how to pay loans and also save some money). Thanks for reading and considering me as a candidate!
  • Macey Webb – My name is Macey Webb. I am currently a 2L hoping to be one of your next 3L Legislative Representatives on SBA. I am currently a 2L representative on SBA and hope to continue to be the voice of my fellow 1L, 2L, and 3L friends and bring their concerns that they have before SBA as well as bring any ideas to the table that they recommend to me in order to better our law school. I am currently a research assistant for Professor Fox, a peer mentor, and also the Managing Editor on the Journal of Law and Education. I attended undergrad here at USC and was a member of the University of South Carolina Softball Team. My passion for the university runs deep and my goal is to help everyone else become passionate about the great school that we all have the opportunity to attend. My overall goal as your SBA 3L Legislative Representative is to help implement programs that will help encourage student involvement and engagement in activities at the Law School and outside of Law School. My goal will be to help us all grow as a law community together. Though the help of other SBA members, one main goal will be to continue to increase alumni networking opportunities for current students and get the alumni of the law school more connected with current law students. For these reasons and so many more is why I hope to be the next 3L SBA Legislative Representative.