SBA Executive Candidates Facebook Pages:

Below are the candidates for the SBA Executive Election and their Facebook Pages where you can learn more about them. Remember voting takes place on Twen from 9:00am-7:00pm. 

Candidates for President:

Candidates for Vice President:

Candidates for Treasurer:

Candidate for Secretary has a statement below:

  • I’m Matt Henderson and I’m running for SBA Secretary. Serving as a 1L Legislative representative, I had the pleasure of serving on the Social Organization Committee. While a liaison to multiple social organizations, I witnessed the struggle they faced drawing new members, and holding events in the law school. This opportunity allowed me to learn about their goals, and become engaged with the student body. I hope to help these organizations draw more members, particularly 1Ls, as well as host events that will attract the student body. Lastly, I hope to continue to help plan and budget for SBA’s fantastic social events, as well as advancing our goal of making SBA a better networking body.

Thank you for your time!