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Band Party

Don’t miss out on this year’s Band Party!

It’ll take place at Swamp Cabbage on Friday, October 5th from 7pm-10pm.
This is hosted on Parent’s weekend and is a family friendly event!
Tickets include appetizers, craft beer and wine! Plus a beer specifically brewed for us, the SBA IPA!
So come out, listen to the band, and enjoy some great food and drinks!
You can purchase your tickets, and t-shirts here:

You can purchase your SBA membership here

Hope to see you all there!

Approved SBA Constitution Amendments

Attention Student Body:

On September 10th, the SBA Legislative Council met and voted on Amendments proposed to them by members of the SBA ByLaw Committee. These Amendments were just small improvements to the structure of SBA since the last amendments took place in 2004. Please read the proposed Amendments and vote if you would like them approved or denied. In order to amend the Constitution 1/6 of the student body must participate in the vote and it must pass by 2/3 of those that vote. Due to the Hurricane, the vote will open on Twen on  September 14th at 4:00pm and will close on Tuesday, September 18th at 4:00pm. To vote, please log on to Twen and scroll to the bottom where your courses are shown. Please click on the one that says “SBA Constitutional Amendment Voting.” Then please review the document under “Documents” then “Proposed Amendments” and click on “Approved SBA Constitutional Amendments.” To vote click on customized polling and answer the 1 question poll about your approval or denial of the Amendments.  Please participate and have your voice heard about these minor, but necessary improvements to the SBA Constitution. These amendments allow the SBA Legislature and Honor Council to function in a more efficient manner.

In the documents portion on TWEN you will find the Old SBA Constitution, the amendments that were proposed to the Legislature, and the amendments that were approved by the Legislature. Please vote your approval or denial of the document titled “Approved SBA Constitutional Amendments”. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact Alex Mende, Cleburne Fant, or Sam Sanders.

SBA Election Information

Interested in running for an SBA Legislative Spot or an SBA Election Honor Council Spot?

Please have attended a candidate forum or have met with Richard Capps or Carson Sadro & turn in your application by Sunday, September 9th at 5:00pm. All Candidates will be emailed by Monday, September 10th at noon for confirmation of your participation and Campaigning will begin on September 11th at 9:00am. There will be a Mandatory Candidate forum on September 17th at 12:40 in room 103, lunch will be provided. At the Candidate forum all candidates will speak on their behalf, and allow the student body to get to know them a little better. The election will take place via TWEN on September 18th from 9:00am – 7:00pm.

Please go to the SBA Forms tab for the SBA Legislative Application!

Thank you for your participation in SBA!