Zach Porfiris SBA President Campaign Statement.

When electing your next Student Bar Association President, vote for me: Zach Porfiris!

Our Student Bar Association stands for a sense of community. Our generation of South Carolina’s legal community continues to grow stronger because of events hosted by the Student Bar Association and because of the liaison SBA serves as between the student body and the law school administration. I plan to continue leading SBA in the future, as we dive into our legal careers. Not only will I uphold our best traditions, but I will implement change as needed while we transition to a new era of South Carolina Law in our new law school facility.

Since being elected by our student body, I have served as your SBA Treasurer for the past school year. During this time, I have learned from experience in serving as your Chief Financial Officer, in accounting and disbursing of the approved budget, in maintaining a monthly report of transactions, and in initiating SBA funding for other student organizations’ events. Previously, I served as a 1L Legislative Representative for the SBA to represent the Class of 2018 truthfully, fairly, and to the best of my ability.

I have always promoted integrity and professionalism within our legal community by hosting events like Young Lawyer Happy Hours. I have been an effective liaison among students, faculty, and alumni of our School of Law by attending all required meetings, determining budgets, and voting to pass legislation. I have sponsored and promoted events, like Monster’s Ball and Barrister’s Ball, and I have provided services that continue to benefit us, like the Peer Mentor Program and intramural sports. Most importantly, I have fostered closer, personal relationships among the law school community with events like Good Deed Fridays, End of Semester and Welcome Back Celebrations, and the SBA Co-Sponsored Speaker Series.

I have an Economics and Finance background from the Cameron School of Business at the University of North Carolina Wilmington. There, I gained event planning experience as I served as Social Chair, Philanthropy Chair, and Historian for my undergraduate fraternity. I was responsible for organizing large-scale trips and events for the entire organization. I acquired legislative experience there as I served on UNCW’s Campus Conduct Board. I was a juror and mediator for student conduct hearings. I also served as President of the Economics Honors Society and as Vice President of the National Association of Business Economics.

If you elect me as your SBA President, I will further uphold the traditions of our University of South Carolina School of Law. I will never be afraid to implement change as needed and as requested by us, the students. I anticipate listening to and representing individual inputs. I am prepared to represent what is best for our School of Law!