Zach Kern VP SBA Candidate Statement

Dear USC Law Family,

My name is Zach Kern and I am running for Vice President of the Student Bar Association. I would greatly appreciate you vote on March 20th.

I am a two year member of SBA. Since my election in the fall of 1L year I have been fiercely committed to the improvement of the organization. That commitment has manifested itself through my involvement within the law school community.

This year I served as a peer mentor to the incoming 1L class. As Vice President of SBA I would be charged with running the upcoming peer mentor program. I think the most glaring issue currently facing the peer mentor program is the mid-year drop off. I feel as though the primary goal of the peer mentor program is to create lasting and continuous relationships between the mentor and the mentees. I feel as though some small changes, like instituting a once a month meeting requirement between mentors and mentees, would go a long way towards creating those lasting and continuos relationships.

Within SBA, I have served as Library and Faculty Chairman. As Chairman I assisted in the Faculty Interview process by helping organize and recruit students to participate, as well as participating on the interview committees myself. I also attended the Library Committee meetings. In these meetings I was able to pass along the student concerns regarding the current library, as well as advocate for student interests in the planning of the new library. I feel as though I serve as effective liason between the students and the administration. And would continue to serve as such if elected VP.

In addition to my experience with SBA, I also have a passion and appreciation for what SBA does. I truly believe SBA is important to this law school community. Often times the busyness of law school life can present challenges in running an extra-curricular organization. However, whether it be attending meetings, promoting events, working shits, or serving on committees, I have always made SBA a priority. I believe SBA needs members who make it a priority, and are accountable to the organization, and to the student body as a whole. I can promise you that I will continue to make SBA a priority if elected VP, and will be accountable to both the organization and the student body.

I humbly ask for your vote for Vice President of the Student Bar Association on March 20th. Thank you for your time and consideration.


Zach Kern