Jonathon Reynolds’s Statement for SBA President

Jonathon Reynolds’s Statement for SBA President

The SBA is charged with numerous responsibilities. I believe our most important responsibilities are ensuring the success of our student organizations and promoting an inclusive environment.

Student organizations facilitate the deep sense of community shared by Carolina Law students and alumni. The Black Law Students Association and Women in Law are emblematic of this truth. Moreover, groups like BLSA and WIL stand at the forefront of fostering inclusiveness in our community. The SBA must work with BLSA and WIL every step of the way in achieving their goals.

Organizations are the medium through which students develop deeper knowledge and experience in their areas of interest. We have organizations dedicated to areas like Sports, Entertainment, and Intellectual Property. These groups have faced obstacles I am determined to help them overcome. For example, this year, Sports Law wanted to send our students to an out-of-state Contract Arbitration tournament. They were largely left to their own devices to secure funding for this opportunity. If I am elected president, we will secure funding for them.

The SBA hosts our milestone social events: Monster’s Ball & Barrister’s Ball. These events are an exciting time, that for many of us, will become our fondest memories of law school. I’ve heard from many of you that these events do not appeal to non-drinking students. I will discover the changes we can make to improve these events – so they appeal to all students – and implement those changes.

Together, I believe we can achieve our highest potential as a student body.