Women Helping Women Products Drive

From February 16-22 Kayla Porter, Women in Law, and Pro Bono will be sponsoring a women’s products drive to benefit homeless women of the Midlands.

You’ve probably donated clothes to a homeless shelter or charity, but have you ever donated sanitary napkins or tampons? Statistically speaking, you probably answered no, but would it surprise you to learn that a woman can make a sweater last for months, maybe years, but she needs new feminine hygiene products each month?

Being homeless should not strip a woman of her dignity. You can help! Donate a wrapped package of tampons, pads, small bottles of shampoo, lotion, soap, or money to one of the following locations:

-Pro Bono Office from 9:00am-4:00pm
-Women in Law Office (Room 342) during office hours (office hours can be found on WIL’s TWEN page or outside the office)
-Table set up in the lobby from 12:40pm-1:40pm.

Plus, each product (or, if donation of money, $5 increment) donated will earn you an entry into a drawing for a terrific prize!

Be sure to check out our Facebook event more the most recent updates, or email us at uscwomeninlaw@gmail.com with any questions.