SBA Elections Update

Elections for 2014-15 SBA Representatives for the 1L and 2L class will take place tomorrow September 23. There are eight (8) representative spots to be filled for the 1L class and one (1) spot for the 2L class. Elections will be held on TWEN from9am until 7pm. Those wishing to vote are asked to subscribe to the appropriate TWEN page. The 1L page is titled “1L SBA Representative Elections.” The 2L page is titled “2L SBA Representative Elections.” Please note that it is impermissible to vote in these elections unless you are a member of the corresponding class (3L’s cannot vote for 2L’s, etc.) and doing so could subject you to discipline. Should you have any questions please consult to the SBA Election Code which can be found on this website. In the event of any remaining confusion please contact Briggs Tucker, SBA Parliamentarian.