Makenzie Polston SBA Candidate for Vice President

My fellow colleagues,

Leadership is not about a title or a designation. It is about impact, influence, and inspiration. Impact involves getting results, influence is about spreading the passion you have for your work, and you have to inspire others to have passion as well.

There are many reasons why I believe that I would be an outstanding asset to the Executive Council of the Student Bar Association.  Over the past few years I have been involved in many different activities and have held multiple leadership positions which have taught me many valuable leadership qualities that will help me succeed as the Vice President. I am motivated, self- driven, and conscientious. All of these things will allow for me to serve my classmates well.

During my time in law school I have been able to learn the many aspects of being a leader during my positions that I have held which include being a 1L Representative, 2L Representative, and Communications Co-Chair within the Student Bar Association as well as being a peer mentor for the Class of 2019. As a leader within these organizations, I have been able to incorporate many leadership skills including patience, perseverance, cooperation, focus, and humility. I also learned many other skills that will be valuable in this capacity.

As the Vice President, I will have many responsibilities. One of these responsibilities is to help organize Orientation for the incoming class which includes overseeing the peer mentors that will be chosen to help the incoming class. As a peer mentor, I was able to gain insight on how peer mentors are able to make a positive impact on the incoming students. I will also strive to be an effective liaison between the students and the administration.

I possess valuable leadership skills that I know will be very beneficial to USC School of Law’s Student Bar Association. I promise you that I will be a dedicated and committed leader and that I will do everything in my power to address each and every concern that you may have. I hope to have the opportunity to use my leadership skills as I serve the University of South Carolina School of Law student body as Vice-President.

I sincerely appreciate your support,

Makenzie Polston

Zach Kern VP SBA Candidate Statement

Dear USC Law Family,

My name is Zach Kern and I am running for Vice President of the Student Bar Association. I would greatly appreciate you vote on March 20th.

I am a two year member of SBA. Since my election in the fall of 1L year I have been fiercely committed to the improvement of the organization. That commitment has manifested itself through my involvement within the law school community.

This year I served as a peer mentor to the incoming 1L class. As Vice President of SBA I would be charged with running the upcoming peer mentor program. I think the most glaring issue currently facing the peer mentor program is the mid-year drop off. I feel as though the primary goal of the peer mentor program is to create lasting and continuous relationships between the mentor and the mentees. I feel as though some small changes, like instituting a once a month meeting requirement between mentors and mentees, would go a long way towards creating those lasting and continuos relationships.

Within SBA, I have served as Library and Faculty Chairman. As Chairman I assisted in the Faculty Interview process by helping organize and recruit students to participate, as well as participating on the interview committees myself. I also attended the Library Committee meetings. In these meetings I was able to pass along the student concerns regarding the current library, as well as advocate for student interests in the planning of the new library. I feel as though I serve as effective liason between the students and the administration. And would continue to serve as such if elected VP.

In addition to my experience with SBA, I also have a passion and appreciation for what SBA does. I truly believe SBA is important to this law school community. Often times the busyness of law school life can present challenges in running an extra-curricular organization. However, whether it be attending meetings, promoting events, working shits, or serving on committees, I have always made SBA a priority. I believe SBA needs members who make it a priority, and are accountable to the organization, and to the student body as a whole. I can promise you that I will continue to make SBA a priority if elected VP, and will be accountable to both the organization and the student body.

I humbly ask for your vote for Vice President of the Student Bar Association on March 20th. Thank you for your time and consideration.


Zach Kern

Clermon Acklin SBA Vice-Presidential Candidate


I am Clermon Acklin and I am running to serve as the next SBA Vice-President. While completing my undergraduate studies, I held leadership positions in numerous service organizations, including President of the Student Corporate Program and Vice-President of Circle K (the collegiate partner to Kiwanis). More recently, during my career in the United States Senate, I was privileged to work as Vice-President of the bipartisan Senate Black Legislative Staff Caucus (SBLSC) for nearly two years. As an executive board member of the SBLSC, I assisted in planning, managing, and implementing the organization’s various political, professional, and social initiatives. Given my past leadership experiences, I will diligently execute the duties of SBA Vice-President. Thank you for your time and consideration.

Zach Porfiris SBA President Campaign Statement.

When electing your next Student Bar Association President, vote for me: Zach Porfiris!

Our Student Bar Association stands for a sense of community. Our generation of South Carolina’s legal community continues to grow stronger because of events hosted by the Student Bar Association and because of the liaison SBA serves as between the student body and the law school administration. I plan to continue leading SBA in the future, as we dive into our legal careers. Not only will I uphold our best traditions, but I will implement change as needed while we transition to a new era of South Carolina Law in our new law school facility.

Since being elected by our student body, I have served as your SBA Treasurer for the past school year. During this time, I have learned from experience in serving as your Chief Financial Officer, in accounting and disbursing of the approved budget, in maintaining a monthly report of transactions, and in initiating SBA funding for other student organizations’ events. Previously, I served as a 1L Legislative Representative for the SBA to represent the Class of 2018 truthfully, fairly, and to the best of my ability.

I have always promoted integrity and professionalism within our legal community by hosting events like Young Lawyer Happy Hours. I have been an effective liaison among students, faculty, and alumni of our School of Law by attending all required meetings, determining budgets, and voting to pass legislation. I have sponsored and promoted events, like Monster’s Ball and Barrister’s Ball, and I have provided services that continue to benefit us, like the Peer Mentor Program and intramural sports. Most importantly, I have fostered closer, personal relationships among the law school community with events like Good Deed Fridays, End of Semester and Welcome Back Celebrations, and the SBA Co-Sponsored Speaker Series.

I have an Economics and Finance background from the Cameron School of Business at the University of North Carolina Wilmington. There, I gained event planning experience as I served as Social Chair, Philanthropy Chair, and Historian for my undergraduate fraternity. I was responsible for organizing large-scale trips and events for the entire organization. I acquired legislative experience there as I served on UNCW’s Campus Conduct Board. I was a juror and mediator for student conduct hearings. I also served as President of the Economics Honors Society and as Vice President of the National Association of Business Economics.

If you elect me as your SBA President, I will further uphold the traditions of our University of South Carolina School of Law. I will never be afraid to implement change as needed and as requested by us, the students. I anticipate listening to and representing individual inputs. I am prepared to represent what is best for our School of Law!

Jonathon Reynolds’s Statement for SBA President

Jonathon Reynolds’s Statement for SBA President

The SBA is charged with numerous responsibilities. I believe our most important responsibilities are ensuring the success of our student organizations and promoting an inclusive environment.

Student organizations facilitate the deep sense of community shared by Carolina Law students and alumni. The Black Law Students Association and Women in Law are emblematic of this truth. Moreover, groups like BLSA and WIL stand at the forefront of fostering inclusiveness in our community. The SBA must work with BLSA and WIL every step of the way in achieving their goals.

Organizations are the medium through which students develop deeper knowledge and experience in their areas of interest. We have organizations dedicated to areas like Sports, Entertainment, and Intellectual Property. These groups have faced obstacles I am determined to help them overcome. For example, this year, Sports Law wanted to send our students to an out-of-state Contract Arbitration tournament. They were largely left to their own devices to secure funding for this opportunity. If I am elected president, we will secure funding for them.

The SBA hosts our milestone social events: Monster’s Ball & Barrister’s Ball. These events are an exciting time, that for many of us, will become our fondest memories of law school. I’ve heard from many of you that these events do not appeal to non-drinking students. I will discover the changes we can make to improve these events – so they appeal to all students – and implement those changes.

Together, I believe we can achieve our highest potential as a student body.

Barrister’s Ball 2017

The Student Bar Association proudly presents the University of South Carolina School of Law’s annual Barrister’s Ball. The event is black tie optional. Tickets include adult beverages, light hors’ d’oeuvres, and a live band. It’s going to be a swinging good time! We hope to see you there.

This year we are taking donations for the Prader Willi Foundation. The Student Bar Association wants to make Barrister’s Ball a fun event for law students that also benefits the community. Please consider donating when you purchase your tickets.

In addition to current law students, tickets are now open to the Young Lawyers Division of the South Carolina Bar and School of Law Faculty and Staff. Like most law schools across the nation, we coridally invite you to celebrate Barrister’s Ball with us. A portion of these tickets will go to the Prader Willi Foundation.

This is a 21+ event. No exceptions. Please bring your ID and Eventbrite ticket with you. Paper or electronic tickets will be accepted.

1208 Washington Place: 1208 Washington Street, Columbia, SC 29201

T- Shirt Design:


Monster’s Ball is almost here! Monster’s Ball will be October 28, 2016, 8:00 p.m. – 12:00 a.m.

It’s a Halloween Party. The best Halloween Party in Columbia, SC! This year it is a combined event with the Law School and the School of Medicine. Public Health and Business School Students welcome. A ticket will get you access to the open, fully stocked bar, food, and dance floor. There will be a costume competition, so come dressed to impress!

Get your tshirt here:
Code: TH913201644404PM39

Capacity is somewhat limited, so to ensure that law school students who want to attend can, each law school student is currently limited to two (2) dates. If people want extra tickets for additional dates, a lottery at a later date will take place. When you purchase tickets you will be required to enter your date(s) name(s) and YOU, the law student, will be held responsible for any destruction/problems caused by your date. If your date is required to leave, as determined by security, you must leave with them.

Please note that weapons and replicas of weapons will not be allowed in the event, as requested by security. Many local bars are also implementing similar rules.

Business students may also purchase a ticket through our link. Please purchase your specified ticket or you will be refunded and not guaranteed admittance.


NEW SBA Representatives!!

Student Bar Association Legislative Council Election Results

September 8, 2016

1L Representatives

Clermon Acklin

Madeline Belford

Richard Capps

Kambrell Garvin

Amanda Gaston

Gil Gatch

William Lollini

Samantha Sanders

2L Representatives

Jake Isenburg

Chelsea Lucas

SBA BAND PARTY: Sept. 16 at 7PM


SBA Band Party tickets are now on sale! Get them today before ticket prices go up!

Band Party is the first SBA event of the year. Invite your parents, spouses, families, and friends to come hang with the law school. There is a bbq dinner, unlimited craft beer, and a great band! This year, different organizations will host tables for people to play carnival games and such before the band arrives. We will even have a corn hole tournament (sign up when you buy tickets)!

Band Party will be on September 16, 2016 starting at 7PM at River Rat Brewery located at 1231 Shop Road, Columbia, SC 29201.

Click HERE to purchase tickets, buy t-shirts, and sign up for the corn hole tournament. Check out the event on Facebook.



Welcome Back Party

SBA will be co-sponsoring the Welcome Back Party with the law school at the McCutchen House from 5:30-8:00pm on Friday, August 26.

We hope to see you there!

The McCutchen House is located on the Historic Horseshoe at 902 Sumter Street, Columbia, S.C.


YLD/SBA Pig Cook-Off


5:30-8:30 p.m.

SC Bar Conference Center 

1501 Park St., Columbia

FREE T-shirts to the first 200 guests!

RSVP by April 1 to Kimberly Snipes at


Women in Law and SBA Welcome Justice Toal and Representative Laurie Slade Funderburk for Women’s History Month

On March 14, 2016, Women in Law and the Student Bar Association will be holding a lunch panel discussion honoring Women’s History Month. We are very excited to have Justice Jean Toal and Representative Laurie Slade Funderburk from the SC House of Representatives join us to discuss their experiences in the legal profession. This will be a moderated panel discussion, but questions will be welcome following the presentation. Lunch will be served for those that RSVP. An eventbrite will be sent out through Heather Beatty at a date closer to the presentation date calling for RSVPs.

Barristers Ball!!!

Barristers Ball will be Feb. 26th from 8pm-12am.
Ticket prices will be $25 – SBA member; $35 – Non-SBA member; $45 – Day of ticket

The band will be The Vegabonds, and they will be playing from around 9 until midnight. The band is on youtube so be sure to look them up!

The event is “black tie optional” which means that it is perfectly fine if anyone wants to wear suits, short dresses, etc., instead of black tie (tuxes and long dresses). If you would like to rent a tux, Men’s Warehouse has offered law students $40 off a full tux rental. In order to take advantage of this offer, use our Law School group number: 6427081.

Buy your tickets here: